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Sleeping Cool in Summer

Getting a great night's sleep when you're overheating can be a challenge. A lowered body temperature is part of the process of falling asleep, so if you can't get cool enough, it can keep you awake. Luckily for you, we've got some great options at our Mattress Outlet stores here in Idaho and Utah to help you beat the heat! 

Cooling pillows can make all the difference for some people. The cool side of the pillow is so delicious and comforting, but after a while, your body heat can get trapped in a conventional pillow. It can be difficult to figure out the perfect firmness and shape over the internet, but our Sleep Experts can help find you the right pillow for you. We'll even let you try them out at the store. (We've got pillow covers on-site to be extra careful of transmitting germs. We're very careful about hygiene and safety.)

There are also some amazing options in cooling mattresses out there now! Imagine your mattress contouring not only to your body position and shape but also to your temperature. Cooling memory foam mattresses have changed the game in recent years. Mattresses with phase-change technology can adjust to your body's temperature and create a comfortable sleep situation. 

You don't have to overheat every night anymore. Let our sleep experts find the perfect solutions for you. It could be as simple as replacing your pillow or your sheets, or you might require something a little more sophisticated, like a cooling mattress. No matter what, we're sure we can help you get that great night's sleep you're looking for. 

Pretty cool, don't you think?